Thank you for your interest in shooting film/photography at the Alchemist! In order to ensure that customers and vendors are not disrupted, rules are respected, and the space is maintained properly, we kindly request that you fill out the below form and make a booking payment of 2000 KSH to BUY GOODS 560897.


Please read before booking:

  • During a photoshoot, we ask you to respect the privacy of our guests and clients, do not photograph them or ask them to be in your images; if you need people in your shots you should bring them with you and have all the correct model release paperwork.


  • Please do not advertise to models, assistants or the public that you are an official Alchemist photographer – if we give you permission it will be for your own work under your own brand.


  • Your shoot should not interfere with our customers or vendors enjoyment of our premises. For example, expecting customers to move, shop owners to stop working, spotlights pointed at them etc.


  • We expect photographers to respect fair use of our premises and brand – no nudity, nothing aggressive, no weaponry (even in costume) and/or any other imagery which might reflect badly on our brand, customers or vendors.


  • We ask you not to re-arrange our furniture or premises, or prevent staff from going about their business. Please bring any props you need with you, we cannot provide resources for your shoot.


  • The vendors inside the Alchemist premises are independent. Having an agreement to photograph with us, does not give you automatic permission to enter their premises or make requests of them, photograph their business or staff. We ask you to respect their privacy


  • No outside food or drink to be consumed during your photoshoot.


  • No shoots which include alcohol brands, including product placement.

Please note that the form above is for personal shooting only. For commercial film/photography, please email us directly at

To request a photoshoot please complete the form below giving us at least 3 days notice. Any permission given is specific to the date and times agreed.