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Meet 24 year old math and science teacher Shiro from California, she is gearing up to start med school really soon.

“So the reason I’m teaching is because I had to do my undergrad first, then fulfill some prerequisites before applying to med school, and since I used to tutor at some point and I was good at it, it made sense to teach on the side. It’s a great way to make some extra money while in school and it is also flexible. I eventually want to specialise in women’s health.”

I listen to hip hop and R&B, especially 90s stuff. Aaliyah was amazing and I think she’s my favorite. In Kenya I really like Sauti Sol.

I love to travel, and my bucket list destinations are South Africa, Bali in Indonesia and Brazil. It’s amazing how vibrant the youth culture in Nairobi is, and every time I come back it’s better and better. Nairobi is really starting to stand out in this sense.

Alchemist is unique in that there’s all this space, it’s like between indoors and outdoors and there’s this cool upstairs area and the rustic feel of the whole place. I love me a burger, so Mama Rocks is on point for me. It’s my favorite restaurant here.

If I had 5 million today I’d save some to get me through med school, and then invest in small businesses especially in Nairobi, because there are so many ideas and so much talent but I know it’s difficult to get funding for them, so if like to fill that gap.

Choosing between belief in fate or control of my life? I’d say a bit of both. And what makes me happy is the ability to wake up every day, and just appreciate what I have in life so far, health strength and the ability to make new friends.

In a perfect world, everyone would be able to do what they love.” #FacesofAlchemist