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Meet 26 year old Pooja Joshi, and she owns a brand called that deals in various limited edition collectibles, like leather bags, bowties, lapel pins, jewellery and pocket squares. They do everything in small quantities so that you feel special when you buy from them, as you will be one of a few with the item.

” The motivation to start Ocell luxury was me, as a lady, having clothes or jewels that would not be seen in so many places; exclusivity is a great way to make you value whatever you buy all the more. I didn’t know I would end up doing exactly this, but I did study fashion in university, as a last minute change from my initial idea of interior design. We were taught how to conceptualize ideas and bring them from paper to actual garments. I also work with The Made in Kenya store at the Alchemist where we introduce people to cool new designers and Creatives people might not have known about before.

Music is tricky for me, totally depends on the mood. But mostly I listen to alot of edm mixes and house music, but it really does depend on my mood at that particular time. For Kenyan artistes, Sauti Sol are on point for me!

The vibe at the Alchemist is fantastic, never have I ever been here and I got bored of the music being played. The atmosphere is that of chilling and relaxation. Mama Rocks is my favorite restaurant here, I love the food, the energy of the team. It’s like how I plan my weekends when I come here, gotta have the burgers! Upendo is great as well.

People sometimes think I’m mean, mostly when I was younger. I’m not that mean, ‘that’ being the operative word lol. Then I’ve also been confused for Moroccan, of course before people hear my name.

My bucket list destination is Italy, because I love the culture and the food, and since I’m into museums and art, I think I’d get alot from such a trip. I liked Van Gogh for a while, but I beleive someone cannot have just one favorite artist because it’s subjective.

If I had 5 million dollars today I would definitely put it towards building my brand, Ocell, hands down. Then maybe I’d get a nice house!” #FacesofAlchemist