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Meet 21 year old Strathmore Marketing student Pauline Wangari, who was at the last @freemindsessions of the year at the Alchemist.

” When I first joined Strathmore I really didn’t like it much because I tend to be a free spirit, and you can feel that the school is a rather rigid and overly structured, but when I majored in Marketing I grew to like it and sort of adjusted, and now I really like it there!

So today I’m doing social media for this event, for the very first time. So I saw @miz_soraya had been featured on this page as part of the Faces project, and she talked about her career in digital marketing, so I hit her up and asked her if I could learn from her and work on some events with her. She said to come through for Freeminds, and here I am! Hoping that this becomes a long term thing, because I quite like it!

Oooh I like soulful music; music that makes you feel mellow deep inside, you know? Jhene Aiko, Childish Gambino, Willow Smith all fit the bill for me. Not much of a trap or hip hop head but when it comes on sure we will vibe, but I don’t go looking. First time I saw Marushka perform I was in tears, she is so good! Sichangi, Karun, Wanja Wohoro, all incredible Kenyan artistes, love them all.

Spending time with people I love, and meeting new people are how I stay happy, and I believe love makes the world go round!

Where to begin with the Alchemist, I was once here every single weekend for the longest time, because it’s a wonderful community and family here, and you always feel welcome. It’s amazing.

Pasta. Pasta with pesto sauce is my fave dish, and Mama Rocks is my number one restaurant in my opinion here!

People often think I’m too timid and I don’t form my own opinions on stuff, which in some ways might be true, but I am so much more than that, I’ve got dreams and hopes and aspirations!

If I was given 5 million dollars today, if probably first figure out a way to give back to the community, like starting a children’s home or foundation for orphans. I’ll probably save the rest.” #FacesofAlchemist