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Meet 21 year old recording artiste, DJ and one of the @eawave crew Mvroe. He’s one of the many artistes and Creatives whose careers gained traction because of the Alchemist.

“There hasn’t been a particular moment in my life I’d say when I haven’t been musical. The interest has always been there, but at age 16 when I was paid for the first time for something I had done, is when I seriously considered taking it up as a career. Ea Wave happened in steps kind of, because I knew Hiribae first from a while back, then ended up meeting the rest, Jinku, Ukweli, Nufunk as time went by. We all met up at the studio one day, and since we all made music, we tried something out, and because the boys are all dope and crazy talented, it only made sense to form EA Wave and put out what we were making to the world

If I was to say I have a blueprint for what I’m trying to do, it would most probably be likened to how Drake does his thing. He can literally do anything. Give him a west coast beat, afro beat, you name it, he will nail it and make it his very own sound, so I wanna be as versatile as that. It’s pretty dope to be that way. 3 of my top favorite artistes are Drake, Quavo and Swae Lee.
Locally, of course I have to shout out my boys, in the wave, they’re great, Sauti Sol, cosmic homies, can’t forget Blinky Bill. These are who I’d say are putting Nairobi on the map. They aren’t the only ones, and sure there’s so many on the come up, but these are pioneer in that new Nairobi sound.

I dress up to look good for the ladies you know, that’s what it’s about. They’re the reason I can’t leave the house looking all raggedy and weird and if the ladies love what I wear then I’m made for sure.

Alchemist is literally my favorite place in Kenya. It’s like when you come back from a trip and you want to go home, I wanna come here and kick it. You can spend the whole day here, record music, have a great show, and have so much love around you. Mama Rocks has the best chicken burger in the city hands down, its my favorite restaurant here.

The feeling of getting something done, like when I manage to kill a verse for example And I can sit back and appreciate it.

If I was stuck on an island I’d have a solar powered router, probably a girl and some MJ and I’d be good for like 2 months!! ” #FacesofAlchemist