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Meet 22 year old law student Fiona Kiautha from Meru Kenya.

” When I was a kid I wanted to be a paedetrician, obviously that didn’t happen! I ended up in law after high school, and it is only after my fourth year (I’m in third) that I’ll be able to specialize. I think I’ll decide what it will be when I get there. I have a special interest in photography, as I enjoy being around people, and literally the human race. I probably should take that(camera) up real soon!

As long as the music is good for the soul I can dig it, because I have no specific genre. My favorite artiste ever would have to be Kanye West, and locally Sauti Sol, Phy, Elani too!

Life and literally the fact I am alive make me happy, and knowing I have people around who love me like family and so on. I love to travel as well and the occasional paintballing experience.

Alchemist has this amazing aura that makes it feel like a mellow chilled out space, and also a great many different people come here, which make for a very interesting crowd!

If I was stuck on an island with 3 things they would probably be whisky and gin, someone I love and good trees!!” #FacesofAlchemist