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Meet 29 year young Brenda Obath from Nairobi Kenya. She runs her own internet radio station called Asylum Radio, and she has taken various steps to get to where she is, including another attempt at online radio two years prior!

” Those two years were filled with alot of trial and error and going through the motions involved with running a station. I had a grand total of zero years of radio experience, imagine That! But since formal employment was not working and I had been told so many times about the “good voice for radio” thing so I was like why not? And I took the plunge.

Worked at Nation Radio for around 7 months after that, then I resigned and went off to start a podcasts. Podcasts are cute and all, but music is where It’s at for me, so I was figuring out how to blend the two, thus my station was born! Hot on the heels Beats 1 by Apple, and I thought it would be good to have something going locally when that wave eventually swept the world.

‘Music is therapy’ that is Asylum’s motto. Whether it’s your commute, or gym or just chilling, we all need to listen to something. I know very few people who can operate all day in absolute silence, unless you’re getting a massage or something but even then there’s mood music! The aim was basically to curate a playlist that sounded personal as opposed to a typical Billboard chart.

My personal music involves lots of oldies, 80s and 70s to be exact. Lots of Cameo, Dazz Band, SOS Band, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, the swoony types you know, back when a love song was genuine, or at least sounded like it, it was based on simpler principle. I also really like how music sounded back then, the sort of raw, gritty feel to it, quite nice! We could have such a long conversation about how different the music of today is compared to way back when, but it’s like a give and take thing. And I am happy that I get to appreciate and explore the depth and breadth of musical genius of the greats before us, those budding and those yet to come.

Mama Rocks is my favorite restaurant here mostly because of the plantain, no one does it better really in this city. Alchemist has a very relaxed vibe to it, I mean no one is going to jump at me as soon as I walk in hounding me about drinks. I identify as a barefoot empress, I literally walk barefoot wherever I don’t have to be in shoes, and I think Alchemist vibes like that!

About fate and life? Life is motion, e=mc2 you know? If you accept what feels most honest to your person, and mind you this can switch up on a dime, you will encounter points of fate that were set out for you, regardless of whether or not you think you are headed in the right direction.” #FacesofAlchemist