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Meet 26 year old Carlsberg and Tuborg Marketing Specialist Anthony Owich. These are very popular beers at The Alchemist!

” I didn’t know that at some point id be doing what I’m doing, especially when I was in uni, because I studied economics and the usual path for that is to go into banking. I did do that for some time but I was not necessarily happy, I’m not about a suit every day, and I just like being out there exercising my creativity, and the bank wasn’t going to cut it.

So an opportunity to work with a certain whiskey company doing stuff I had always wanted to do came up, and I applied and got the position. Worked with them a good two years before Carlsberg approached me and here I am today! The job is quite dynamic, so there is never a dull moment, and that makes me very happy.

In my time working with them I have realised Kenyans really like to party, and in Africa we are right up there with bigger economies like South Africa and Nigeria. We enjoy life, and it’s crazy how it’s all come about because a few years ago Alchemist didn’t exist, and now it’s a really popular joint in the city with a unique perspective on nightlife and social life. The set up reminds me of a few places I saw in Denmark and Ireland, and to see that in Kenya shows how the world is coming to us, and we are switching it up major. Eventually I’d like to open up my bar and figure out how to give it a similar vibe. Because I think it’s all about spreading good vibes.

African music number one, trap comes second, and my favorite artistes is Burna Boy, he is very dynamic. Sauti Sol and Wizkid are great too! I’m Kenya we have some incredibly talented people aside from Sauti, like Phy, Fena,Blinky Bill,Shappaman, Barack Jacuzzi, they are all keen on establishing their own sound and making it as distinct as possible. And this is just the beginning of what’s in store for our creative scene here in Kenya.

Mama Rocks is my favorite restaurant here for sure, and that Mexican Nacho truck was on point too. Those burgers are like enchanting, you can go a while without having one and when you finally do, you kick yourself for staying away so long!

Miami, LA,Atlanta are some of my bucket list destinations, though that American visa looks like such a chore to get, and you’d feel terrible if you don’t, but that’s where I wanna go at some point, to soak in all that culture and see what I can bring back home to promote our scene here.

Collaboration, competition or both? I’ll go with collaboration, because it’s kind of overlooking or finding a compromise in an idea you held dearly so as to accommodate someone else’s all for mutual benefit.” #FacesofAlchemist