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Can I book a table?

Inside the Alchemist are a number of restaurants and food stalls. These are independent businesses operating their own menus, staff and hours. Most of them allow you to eat anywhere on the Alchemist premises, some have seating, some are just ‘hold-in-the-hand’ takeaway style.

Together they offer a variety of eating and dining styles, some super casual, others having proper dining tables and waiters.

If you would like to book, some of the establishments do cater for that, especially if you have a large group, but you’ll need to contact the businesses directly, we cannot book on their behalf.

You can check out our current food vendors here, and each of them should have either a Facebook page or telephone number, so that you can contact them directly.



Is there free wifi


However, when the space is busy at evening events it can be slow.

Some of the Vendors also have free wifi.

Is the Alchemist open during the day?


From 12noon. There’s plenty of space to come, sit and work, use our wifi, have lunch, meet with friends.

Can I just get a coffee?


A coffee, soda, smoothie… we have no minimum purchases and we are very happy to have creatives come and meet up, in our space.

Can I use the space for a meeting?


If it’s a small informal meeting during the day, you probably don’t need to ask or book with us. However, if you need sound, mics, private space, seating arrangements or have large numbers or need your meeting in the evening, then please check/book with us first.

If you need to arrange refreshments/food for your meeting, please speak to the food stall holders directly and arrange/book with them.

Can I put on a private function?

We have some limited availability for private functions, and a couple of different spaces where this can happen. Please email us well in advance to discuss your requirements. Use our contact form here

Are there age limits?

At different times of the day and for different events there are different age limits in the main space. In the food court area there are no age limits, however please remember this is primarily a bar and venue at night, and as such is not ideal for young families.

Some of the ticketed evening events are 21+ only, please refer to individual events for specific restrictions and ID requirements.

People buying drinks need to be 18 years or over.

Are there any free events?

YES!  We have many free events each week.

On Tuesdays we have our regular free cinema night, Wednesdays Open Mic, Friday night Hip Hop and plenty more. Please check our events listing for more information.

Can I still eat at the food stalls when there is a ticketed event?

YES!  We have several ways of arranging the space for different ticketed events, but you are able to access the food stalls even if you don’t have a ticket for the event. However, you will not be able to enter the areas for the ticketed event without a ticket, which might mean some restrictions on what Bar’s you can use.

Be aware that buying food from the stalls does not give you access to a ticketed event happening on the same night.

Are press and photographers allowed into events?

Many of the events held at the Alchemist are organized by outside events and promotions companies. For such events, press, media & photographers will need to contact the organizers to get permission/press pass. Please check the specific event listing for details of the event organizer. Turning up at an event, without checking with whoever is running the event will likely result in being turned away.

At the Alchemist we welcome creatives, and we are always happy to engage with creative photographers/filmmakers/journalists when there is not a ‘third-party’ event on. But please introduce yourself first and make your requests, rather than just showing up and doing. Contact us here.

Is there a seating area for the food stalls?

Yes there is seating in the food court area. When there are open (free) events, customers can sit anywhere in the space. At times when there is a ‘ticketed’ event, customers without tickets will need to sit in the food court area only. At times, when there are busy events, seating can be limited. If in doubt check with the food stall holders, they have their contact details on their pages. VENDORS

Is the space wheelchair friendly?

Some of the ground floor area, including some food stalls, some shops and bar area, is now wheelchair friendly. However, none of the upstairs areas can be reached safely by wheelchair.

If the wheelchair user is coming to a ticketed event, please check with the specific event organizer, before purchasing tickets, as some events are held in the upstairs bar/s or have VIP areas upstairs.

How do I book the space for an event?

Please see our Event Hosting page for more information and links to our request form. We are always very busy, so please allow a long lead time of a few months.

Unfortunately, we can’t promise to accept all booking requests.

Fees will vary.

Is smoking allowed?


Where do I pay for tickets for events?

The ticketing details are published on the individual event pages (generally in Facebook). Many of our events are hosted by third-parties and so we (at the Alchemist) do not have the ticketing information or the ability to sell or distribute tickets.

How can artists get booked to play at the Alchemist?

Many of our events are organised by outside events organisers – but we are always interested to hear from established artists, or budding new events organisers with great ideas.

Use our current and future events list to get in touch with other event organisers.

Or read the information on our Perform at the Alchemist page to get in touch.




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