a creative hub in the heart of Nairobi

We provide a canvas on which Nairobi’s leading event organisers paint their creative visions. Some of our events are organised and hosted by our team at the Alchemist, but others are run by outside events organisers.

Please check our FACEBOOK PAGE for up to date details of what we are up to during this Covid period.

If there is an entrance fee or a ticketed event, the details and fees can be found on the individual event pages. Many of the late night events have an minimum age requirement. Ticket information and availability is posted on the individual events pages and on our Facebook Event pages.

We also host private events and we are available as a venue for tours, international artists, and external events organisers. Please use this form to request booking our space.

There are food vendors and shops inside the Alchemist, we have several bars, a cocktail bar, all kinds of seating areas, a dance floor and great cocktails. We look forward to welcoming you at one of our events.

(Please note that questions about specific events and ticketing are best done via event pages on Facebook, because not all events are managed by our in-house team.)