your options to eat.


Customers for our food vendors can typically come at any time throughout the day or evening and can sit anywhere in the bar to eat (unless there is a ticket only event on). They can usually also mix and match orders from different vendors. However, if food is your main reason for visiting us, please check or contact the individual vendors from the pages above, to avoid disappointment.

Service differs between vendors, some have counter service only, some table service, some pay up front, some typical restaurant billing – it’s best to come along and check.


There is generally no need for reservations, as most of the vendors work on a come as you please basis. However, if you are a large group or have a special occasion, you should get in touch directly with the vendor, to check their opening times (not always the same as our bar) and their likely availability (in case there is already a busy ticketed event on). Large groups should be aware that table availability may be limited if there is already a ticketed event on a certain date, unless they are also attending the event.

Alchemist food vendors are independent businesses and have their own contact details on their own vendor pages (above).